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夢の夢 奥の奥 残りの火 中嶋夏さん舞踏公演

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I'm pleased to announce a stage event to be held on Sunday, April 22.

My work "My skin is heavy" (produced in 2021) will share the time and the space with ''Butoh'' performance by Natsu Nakajima, who is still active as a member of the first generation of ''Butoh'', an avant-garde art form that has established an international reputation as a unique Japanese physical expression and continues to attract attention in Japan and abroad.

The Ishiguro Building is a three-story reinforced concrete building built in 1926, designed by Denroku Ishiguro, the 18th generation, who commissioned architect Goichi Takeda, known as the "Father of Architecture in Kansai-,Region," to design the building. This building also has a basement, and one of the rooms in this basement will be the stage for the performance this time.

The basement is a very massive space, and the director, Ms. Akane Nakamori, describes it in the flyer text as "like a ghetto''. Coincidentally, the Russian invasion of Ukraine began at the end of February. Many civilians are living harsh days in underground shelters. This performance will be performed with thoughts of peace with the people of Ukraine, which has become a battleground.

I feel very honored to be able to share the space with such a rare and wonderful artist as Natsu Nakajima.

Please come and see the performance like a pray by Natsu Nakajima, a rare artist who studied under Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno and has been dancing for more than 50 years.

※石黒ビル参照元:近代建築写真室@武蔵野台地、北国新聞 「石黒ビル、公開スタート 金沢・尾張町 梁に模様、裸婦のレリーフ」 

場所 金沢尾張町1-10-5 石黒ビル

出演 中嶋夏 中村大輔

日時 2022 年4月24日(日)

受付 14時 

   上演 15時ー16時半 


ワークショップ 定員15名





    TEL 076-265-8300)

主催 彗星倶楽部 Art and Architecture

助成 公益財団法人 澁谷学術文化スポーツ振興財団


照明:宮向隆 松本拓也(金沢舞踏館)


   Nik van der Giesen

音響:森紀浩(Modrilla Studio)


美術作品 山本優美

協力:Gallery OUT of PLACE


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