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International Blog ”Spoon & Tamago introduced my work!

The international blog based out of New York City and Tokyo introducing Japanese culture, art and design, wrote about my work in its blog page!! From the link below, you can read the article and get more details or a overview of my art works and activities. Thanks a lot, Spoon & Tamago -san!!

They have compiled the text about the work I wrote on my blog the other day in English. I couldn't translate the long sentences that convey the subtle nuances of my works into English, and I was thinking that I couldn't convey them to people outside the Japanese-speaking world who came to see this blog. I am really grateful to be introduced in English in this way. I have to do my best to make the website bilingual. For the time being, I'm sure I'll be indebted to Google Automatic Translation......

ニューヨークと東京を拠点に、日本のアート、デザイン、カルチャーを紹介しているインターナショナルブログ「Spoon & Tamago」で、山本優美の作品をご紹介くださいました。上記のリンクから、記事をご覧いただけます。

Spoon & Tamagoさん、ありがとうございます!



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